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JD Tremec believes that at the heart of unsatisfactory service lies unsatisfactory communication.  All too often, there is an execution gap that lies between sales and service delivery.  In other words, during the sales pitch, the sales team boasts of phenomenal service provided by their company which often sounds too good to be true.  Promises are made guaranteeing the client will be happy, and the company will outperform any previous companies who provided the same services.  However, within a short period of time, promises are broken and the delivery of services does not match the promises made.  We believe this execution gap is due to poor communication between those who sell the service and those who deliver the service, as well as a general failure to keep lines of communication open between the client and the company providing the service.  At JD Tremec, we believe communication is key!  Combine that with our pride on being second to none in our quality of work, and it's easy to see why JD Tremec is quickly becoming everyone's number one choice for maintenance, remodeling, and janitorial services.

Our Services

Office Cleaning/Medical Office Cleaning
Apartment turnovers/Real Estate cleaning
Fitness center cleaning
Post-Construction cleaning

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JD Tremec

"The mission of JD Tremec is to provide exceptional customer service, to deliver more than expected, and to always uphold our promises to our customer."

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